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you have no proof that i am not at least one of the members of daft punk

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Best of Ralph & Russo - Haute Couture Fall 2014, Paris

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Strolling - Cecile Emeke

This is a strolling episode, part of the short documentary film series where I go on a stroll with people and talk about various issues affecting young people, namely young black women.

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Murad Osmann Photographer Captures Girlfriend Leading Him Around the World.

Russian photographer Murad Osmann has been attracting quite a bit of attention this past week on the Internet for his images. No, it’s not his professional photos of people and places, but rather a clever project he has been putting together on Osmann’s Instagram account.

It’s titled “ Follow Me,” and features a unique perpective: each shot is from Osmann’s point of view, and shows the back of his girlfriend Nataly Zakharova’s body as she leads him by the hand through various locations around the world.

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